Visible culture


Traditions and rituals in Austria
Some traditions in Austria date back to the 18th century, like the ‘Ball Season’ in Vienna. The ball season starts in winter and stages over 400 balls frequented by over 300,000 visitors from around the world. Some other traditions depend on the location in Austria, like the ‘Cattle procession “Almabtrieb”. This is an annual event in the alpine regions of Austria. The cows that usually spend their summer in the Alps are then escorted down into the valleys. The most beautiful part is the colorful decorations of the cattle. They wear headgear made out of evergreen and flowers combined with colorful ribbons. These are only two of Austria’s unique traditions and rituals.

Important and famous people
There are a few very famous people born in Austria, dating back to the 17th century up to the 20th century. A few names that might sound familiar are Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Marie Antoinette, Joseph Haydn, Johann Strauss II and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Music, art and literature
Austria was the birthplace of many famous composers such as Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert and Johann Strauss, Jr. The capital city Vienna was an important center of musical innovation for a long time. Until now, Austria is regarded as the center of classical music and its orchestra, Vienna Philharmonic, is considered one of the best orchestra in the world.
There are also a lot of famous painters who were born in Austria. Gustav Klimt, who is known for his masterpiece ‘kiss’ and Egon Schiele, who is famous for his sensual paintings are representative painters of those people. Now many travelers come to Austria to visit this country’s art galleries. One of Austria’s well known art gallery is the Kunsthistorisches Museum and it is one of the biggest three museums of Europe. Austria was also home to a lot of writers, like Felix Salten, who wrote the heartbreaking story ‘Bambi’.


Traditional cuisine and eating habits
Do not expect light dishes when visiting Austria. Most dishes are luxuriously rich and really satisfying. There is not a lot of variety in the Austrian cuisine but all the dishes are cooked well. The most well-known  Austrian dishes are Schnitzel, Tafelspitz, Kaiserschmarren and Powidltascherl. Also, Vienna is known as the city of gourmets. The dishes look like pieces of art that are created by true enthusiasts. In addition, combinations of flour and sugar like Sachertorte, Gugelhupf or Apfelstrudel are really common in the Austrian kitchen.

Traditional sports
Austria has countless active opportunities. The country is the world’s best when it comes to skiing. Austria has hundreds of excellent skiing resorts in almost every valley in the Alps. This means that, whether you are a professional or a novice in skiing and snowboarding, Austrian resorts should be your first choice to do so. Another favorite Austrian sport is hiking. The beautiful Austrian mountains are not only perfect for skiing but also for hiking. The mountain tops of Tyrol and Salzkammergut are an ideal options for tourists that love to hike and climb.