Visible culture


Traditions and rituals in Turkey
Turkish people are good at preserving their customs. Their leisure traditions include the so called tea gardens (‘cay bahcesi’), where the Turks still go to socialize and meet friends or business partners, just as they do at the meyhane, a traditional tavern, where Raki (a liquor, which tastes of aniseed) and Meze (typical Turkish appetizers) are enjoyed together. Turkish people enjoy playing backgammon (‘tavla’), one of the world’s oldest games, while drinking Turkish coffee or tea, the most popular drink in the country, traditionally served black, hot, sweet and strong in tulip shaped glasses. It is very common to sip it while using a Turkish water pipe (‘nargile’). The way of preparing a tea is a tradition on its own.

Important and famous people
Important and famous people in Turkey only varies from presidents to a saint, due to the strict rule of Erdogan. The famous people are president Reccep Tayyip Erdogan, president Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and Saint Nocholas.

Music, art and literature
Turkey owns different kinds of art. Today Turkish music and literature is a mixture of different influences from Turkey, Europe and the Arabian culture. Typically for Turkey are “Turkish painting” as well as different traditional dances like Bar, Halay and Horo.


Traditional cuisine and eating habits
The most popular Turkish dish in European countries is the Döner Kebab, a piece of the flatbread filled with meat and vegetables. The original Turkish cuisine varies across the country and can be described as a mix of Central Asian, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Balkan cuisines. Depending on the region the preferences vary too, from rice over bulgur to vegetables, fish, meat and different spices as well as the usage of olive oil.

Traditional sports
Soccer is the most popular sport in Turkey with Galatasaray Istanbul, Besiktas Istanbul and Fenerbahce Istanbul as the most popular teams. Besides Soccer also other mainstream sports like Volleyball and Basketball own a big popularity. One of the traditional sports of Turkey is Kirkpinar (oil wrestling), which since 1361 is the reason of the oldest wrestling festival in the world in the near of Edirne.