“Who could deny that our Austria is richer than any other country? We have money like manure.” - Franz Grillparzer (1791-1872), Austrian author




“Thinking about doing your internship in Austria? Do not hesitate, it is a great choice!”

Currently there are living over 8 million people in Austria. The capital city of Austria is Vienna, a big and booming city with a lot of things to explore. The official language spoken in Austria is German. Though, many people speak English in Austria, it might be a good thing to learn some basic German before you go there. It will make meeting new people and friendships a lot easier. The largest cities of Austria are Vienna, Graz and Linz.

Going for an internship in Austria means you would not get disappointed or bored, for there are a lot of activities you can join during your staying. For example, there is skiing, one of the main activities in Austria, hiking in beautiful nature and, though Austria does not have a seaside, there are many crystal clear waters where you can take a swim.

Can you imagine? You get off from your internship or having a day off and go to these waters just to relax and have fun? Or what about a great schnitzel at one of the most famous restaurants or having a drink at one of the many bars?

Austria also has great extensive cultural choices such as large museums. Curious? Read the information below thoroughly to see if Austria is your place to be to do you internship.