France is a European country, which is well known for rich and admirable culture, people who seriously love and being proud of things from their country and usually enjoy discussion with every issue. The population is 65.8 million. Paris is the cultural center of France, but every city has a different atmosphere and different cultures. The majority of the population is Roman Catholic and the official language is French.

France has a lot of famous people, for example Napoleon Bonaparte and Coco Chanel. French art has had a influence on art all over the world. In music culture, they have Opera and in art culture France has had a impact on many other artists. Furthermore, in literature, they have got sophisticated culture of philosophy from the medieval scholasticism to 20th century existentialism, phenomenology and structuralism.

Food can not be separate in French culture. They have various kinds of wine and cheese, and also highly tasty desserts. When it turns to sport, football is most popular with their news of victory in world cup.

Through Hofstede’s dimensions, we can say that France can be considered as an individualistic and monochromic country in terms of business. France has a high power distance and low context characteristics.