“The beauty of a landscape resides in its melancholy. “Ahmet Rasim


map turkey

Turkey is a country, with two faces, namely its historical past and cosmopolitan present. Visitors would be able to enjoy traditional Turkish tea in the background of distinctive old houses, bazars, where traders argue with customers about the value of every item. A place where people casually enjoying their day, talking to neighbors and playing table games. Where you can get lost in the fast-paced city life of hundreds of thousands modern Western-looking people hurrying to work in the streets between skyscrapers and majestic ancient temples.

Turkish people are traditional and respect authority and hierarchy, just as they respect their country and their nation, but they also believe in the importance of family. Young Turkish people however, rapidly get influenced by Western customs. Lying on two continents, Europe and Asia, Turkey is also a mix of cultures by itself with city landscapes rapidly changing when you travel further into the less developed Asian part. Although the current capital, Ankara, is almost in the middle, almost all major cities are in the Western part, which is typically more foreigner-friendly and liberal.

Turkey is situated in a region where cultural influences and mixing of historical and folklore practices are common. For example Turks argue about the origin of at least half of their traditional dishes with their neighbors, and about the rest with the countries who used to be their neighbors when Turkey spanned on an even larger area.