“The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm is terrible, 

but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.” 

- Vincent Van Gogh


dutch map

  • Population : 16,680,500 people (477 people/km2)
  • Capital : Amsterdam
  • Language : Dutch, Frysian and some dialects
  • Religion : Catholicism, Protestantism, but most of the people don’t have a specific religion
  • Government structure : Constitutional monarchy with King Willem Alexander as head of state
  • Currency : Euro

Most of the people know The Netherlands as “Holland”, but the truth is that Holland is just a province, the most famous one and that’s why people often make a mistake when they call The Netherlands “Holland”. The Netherlands is a beautiful country where you can expect to see a lot of green landscape and nature. But you’ll have to learn how to live with the frequent presence of rain! For centuries, The Netherlands has attracted and welcomed people from the four corners of the world. This has given The Netherlands a reputation for being a tolerant country. They are also able to speak fluent English, so it’s not necessary for you to study Dutch hard before going there.

It’s hard to describe the Dutch culture in a few words. It is better to experience it! Here is a list of what Dutch people would recommend you to do:

  • Take a canal tour through Amsterdam
  • Eat a herring in Volendam
  • Walk around Gouda’s cheese market
  • Be amazed at the cathedral of Den Bosch and the basilicas of Maastricht
  • Climb the Dom Tower in Utrecht
  • Visit the mills of Kinderdij
  • Cycle through the bulb fields, Giethoorn and along the dolmens.