Experiences of two students


Experiences of two students

Justine van den Hoed and Yoomin Lee


Justine van den Hoed, The Netherlands

“If I would describe the States then I would say that Americans are very nice, but also very competitive. I was on the eastside of the United States  and noticed how early people start working on skills. If you want to go to America, I would advice to get to a more crowded area and with good public transporation. When I lived in America I lived in Gorham, Maine, so everything where you wanted to go you had to have a driverslicense. If you want to visit America for a longer time a driverslicense and a  car would be convenient. I went to New York City, Boston and  Washington and I really recommend these places  and I am still very interested in the east side. The next time when I go to the United States I want to try out Red Lobster.”


The Washington Monument, Washington D.C


Yoomin Lee, South Korea

‘’Don’t hesitate to try new things! is the best I can say. Sitting at a desk is not the only way to study. Feel thrilled at new things or situations in daily life and this thrill can lead you to new experiences! When I was in the States I was under the legal drinking age, but you did not necessarily have to be of age to enjoy life in Idaho at the Boise State University. There are so many memorable places, but I could recommend Table Rock. It’s a mountain with a big cross on the top of the mountain with a wonderful view. The next is Bogus Basin  Mountain Recreation Area there are ski and sledding slopes in wintertime .The moment I ran into the huge rubber tube with friends is an unforgettable memory. I still watch the GoPro video my friend took from time to time!’’


weddingpicture table rock

Weddingpicture at Table Rock, Idaho