Student World Web is a project initiated by Fachhochschule St.Gallen | NHL University of Applied Sciences

In order to create this webpage Swiss, Dutch and International students cooperate together. Their aim is to make a helpful website for students who (will) go abroad for their studies during one semester.

In this guide you can find information about 12 countries where students can go abroad for their studies. This information is updated every semester by different students. This way the students collaborate with the aim to create a website which answers to most of the questions a student can have before or during his/her stay in a foreign country.

The information on this webpage contains general facts  of the different countries. It contains also  information about the visual culture like for example traditions, typical foods or famous people of a certain country.
Further you can find an explanation on invisible culture in the different countries, in this part of the webpage the students apply the theory of intercultural communication to these 12 countries.
After that the webpage shows some experiences of students who already have been in these certain counties. They share their tips and tricks with you.
The last part of the webpage is the ‘Do and Dont’s’. This page contains tips what you have to avoid or have to do even if it seems odd.

We hope you enjoy the webpage, your opinion and tips on the website are always welcome in the ‘comment’ section.

Kind greetings,

The Student World Web team