Big Ben, London
Big Ben, London


Rules are rules, time is time

England is a country with punctual culture. British people believe in the supremacy of rules. Standards are very important to them. However, it doesn’t mean that they do not like surprises. Guinea pigs are a very common gift for Valentine’s Day in England.

England is still hierarchic society with different social classes. There are 3 kinds of class, upper class, middle class and working class. However you may not really find this immediately because equality is important to British people, no matter you are rich or poor, powerful or not, the British laws apply to everyone. However, you may feel the differences. The most typical example is that all the private high schools usually offer a much higher quality education than the public schools which are run by the government.

They stick to the rules, especially when we talk about time. They don’t like to wait.  You have to respect the deadline. Your work can become 0 marks even it was one day late only.


Crystal clear communication

People in the UK mostly speak as clear as crystal. Therefore, direct confrontation is preferable. Talking about politics is not taboo here. The British want to know your clear opinion.

Their speaking way is really clear however you can hardly see them crying in the public. the British people don’t show their emotion easily. On top of that they seldom hug people, they usually just shake hand or give a kiss on the check to people of opposite gender. People from Southern countries would describe the British and Irish people as cold.

But don’t worry, people in the UK still have marriage! They are just very independent. People in the UK expect that individuals can stand on their own feet. Interestingly, this can be reflected from their language. In collectivist countries, the heaviest swearing is always about mother or family, while in individualist countries, people usually judge themselves but not others.Crystal


Find your way in UK

British people are really honest to themselves, their thinking. That means they don’t want to continue, if the British people think too hard or unhappy about their work or school. Pains are unacceptable. They do what they want to do. They focus on their happiness first. Therefore, you’ll see the people who already experienced work in the school. If British people think that school is not suit for them, they’ll change the school or find job. Overwork and being unbearable are incomprehensible.

In addition, British parents are open minded people. If their children decided to quit their school or whatever, the parents will accept it (not every time, depends on family). Therefore, British people decide own way by themselves. They are free from their parents’ thinking.

British people are hedonism. In other words, the British people know how to enjoy their time. Work is work, play is play. In vacation season, they’ll enjoy themselves instead of thinking working.