‘The American Dream’ 

In the American culture is a very strong sense of masculinity. Being successful and striving for big achievements is the mindset of many Americans. You will often encounter that instead of discussing an issue together, they make direct decisions on their own. This hands-on type of culture may be something you need to get used to. Their directness is something that isn’t common for a lot of cultures, and may come off as rude to some. A great example to the masculine culture in the USA is ‘the American Dream’. It means that you can literally achieve anything that you want regardless of your ethnicity. If you work hard enough you will get there. Being successful is not really that important. However, being able to show off your success is a very big motivator for Americans


Independent and self-reliant

The USA is like most of the western countries an individualistic culture. There is one very clear example that Americans value their individuality very much. The fact that when they first came to America was because they sought religious freedom and to build their own society. This new society turned out to become one of the strongest world economies. Which is another example of their individuality. The USA has a very self-reliant economy that doesn’t depend on other countries.


Open minded

Uncertainty avoidance is how participants of a culture deals with not knowing what the future might bring.  Whether they act of out anxiety and try to control it or they just let everything happen. The USA doesn’t score very high on the uncertainty avoidance dimension. They are quite open minded towards innovative products and are accepting of freedom of expression. Also there aren’t very strict rules and regulations. Contradictive to this is the occurrence of thousands of lawsuits that are prosecuted. For example, there once was a woman who sued McDonalds because their coffee was ‘too hot’. She accidentally threw the coffee on herself and had to go to the hospital because of severe skin burns. Even though the uncertainty avoidance isn’t very high it has increased in the past decade. America has become a lot more careful and monitoring since 9/11.