Before you go


Before you arrive you have to think about different things. Of course you have to fill in all the forms you get, read them carefully and start early. If you miss a document you have enough time to arrange that. Your school will probably give you a list with everything you have to do.

If you live in an EU country you don’t need a visa. Then, your bank pass will also be fine but check it anyway. It can be handy to authorize someone over your bank account as well (you can do this in a bank office). If you lose your pass, someone else can get you a new one without you being there. A credit card can be handy if you normal bank pass doesn’t work, but is has some risks.

If you don’t go to a campus you have to arrange a room. There are websites with rooms but watch out, not all are reliable. Search on the internet if the site is reliable or ask an exchange student if it’s a good site. Many school have a Facebook page for exchange students. Ask there if someone has a room for you.

house portugal

If you have a room, arrange a place and date where you get the key and the agreement when you arrive. Portuguese people are a bit relax, so make sure there is an agreement.

When you arrive and you have your key, you can arrange your transport card and the courses you want to do at your university. Get settled and enjoy your stay!