In order to prepare


Don’t think that you can compare Malaysia with an European country. People in Malaysia live and act differently. Read about the country, about how Malay live. Maybe there is a way to meet local people via internet. They can give you a lot of information about the particular place.

Visa and passport
You have to think about the practical things when you go abroad. For some countries,  you need a visa. This also applies for Malaysia. It is very easy to get a visa. For example, when you go by plane you have to fill in a visaform and you get a visa for 90 days, which is very easy to extend as well. You can’t get a visa without a passport, so be sure you have one and also be sure your passport is valid until six months after the date you leave Malaysia.

You have to check if you need any vaccinations. Most of the vaccinations are recommended, but the vaccination for yellow fever is required if you have been in a risky country. You can ask your counsellor which countries have a high risk.

Place to sleep
It is important to have a place to sleep. If you go for an internship, most of the companies will provide accommodation. If you go to Malaysia to study,  it’s also easy to get a place to sleep, most of the universities have a campus or hostel where you can rent a room. Cost for rent isn’t high, but all the costs depend on the environment of your living.