In order to prepare

busy street

Preparation is important before studying abroad. Especially in a country like China, where the culture is completely different from the Europese culture. Students who have experienced this in China, give some tips and tricks that might be very useful!

1. Arrange your visa and other documents on time!
2. If you are homesick, China might not be the best place for you to study. There is a big culture difference and you have to be able to adapt.
3. The valuta in China is different than the Euro. One Euro is about seven Chinese YUAN.
4. Lots of places in China are not hygiënic. Be aware of things you buy at markets.
5. Don’t assume that people think the same way as you do.
6. Family is very important for Chinese. Traditions as well.
wedding dress

Traditions in China: many people wear a red wedding dress, instead of a white dress. White is the colour of mourning or death.
7. Chinese are past-oriented. They are likely to prefer old age to youth, old habits to new, old buildings to modern architecture and they don’t like risks.
8. Chinese people are not very ‘open minded’. You won’t always get a direct answer back. Read about face-saving.
9. Do not stay in your comfort zone, discover whatever seems ambiguous to you.
10. Be aware of the fact that you can’t speak English in every part of China.

The students that have studied in China do recommend one last thing: do not prepare too much! Do not plan every day, every hour, because it’s an adventure and you don’t know what a day is going to bring you… Enjoy the country and culture!