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If you’re from the EU, you wouldn’t need a Visa, but if you don’t you’re required to have a Visa.  You must apply for it from the relevant French embassy or consulate in your home country.In France you pay with the euro, as in most European countries. You should also know to save up if you decide to study in France, because life in France (and especially in Paris) is good but expensive. Not only is the rent high but the costs of living are also high.

Since most (elderly) French people are very patriotic and not that great speakers of the English language (or just refuse to),  you should definitely have a basic knowledge of the French language before going to France. Luckily more and more young French people are able and willing to speak English, but they will always appreciate you trying.

Although France is one country, it knows a variety of climates. The north of France can be pretty cold and rainy, while the south of France is known for its warm and dry climate. So you should always check the kind of weather you can expect in the area you’re visiting regarding deciding the kind of clothes you’re bringing.

France is very well known for its slow administration processes when it to for example opening a bank account or getting CAF. So don’t assume everything will be an overnight success. You have to be patient when it comes to these things!

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