Bukchon Hanok Village



If you have to stay for studying in South Korea for more than 90 days, you need a D-2 Student Visa. To obtain it you have to go to Korean Consulate in your town; it will be possible to have it in a day. For more information about the required documents to get a D-2 student visa, consult this website  https://hankuk.wordpress.com/3-obtain-a-d-2-visa/ .

Documents to bring with you

In addition to those documents that you carry with you on every trip abroad (passport, ID and health insurance card) remember to stipulate health insurance to receive a proper therapy in very expensive hospitals in South Korea ( the best are Europe Assistance, Axa e Columbus).



Once in South Korea you will need to change your money in won (₩ ), the Korean currency. Remember that:

1 = ₩1233,44

$1 USA = ₩1107,81

₩1 = 0,0008 and $0,0009 USA


The life in the most Asian Countries is enough expensive. Seoul, a modern city built in the style of Western megalopolis, however, offers a wide range of prices to suit all the different needs. A student for living, eating and,why not, enjoying, has to spend 50 per day, perhaps also a little less. A meal without meat costs about 4 and a meal of meat costs up to a maximum of 8. For moving it’s certainly more practical and less expensive to buy a T-money card, a rechargeable card used for paying buses and subway.



Korea, particularly Seoul, offers several types of accommodation, from the most expensive to the cheapest. Eventually an accommodation at the university that receives you is the most convenient solution.

A last advice

Because South Korea and the all South East Asia is so far from Western tradition and culture, it’s essential  to inquire about the Korean culture before leaving your country.


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