General information


Population and major cities
The number of inhabitants in Austria is 8,504,850 (January 2014) and has a growth rate of 0.02% (2014). The capital of Austria is Vienna. In the native language the capital is called Wien. Vienna has over 1.5 million citizens. Except from the capital there are two major cities in Austria: Graz, which has over 200.000 citizens, and Linz, which has over 180.000 citizens.

The official language
The official language of Austria is German. Croatian, Slovenian and Hungarian are also recognized as official languages of the autonomous population groups in some regions of Austria.

Religion and culture
The largest part of the Austrian population professes Roman Catholic as its religion. The second largest group is Atheist and are followed by Protestants, Muslims and members of the Christian Orthodox religion.
There are all kinds of private registered societies and associations throughout Austria, such as culture, sports and social clubs. Social cohesion and tolerance are of the highest significance in Austrian society.

The system of government in Austria is a democratic republic. Austrian laws originate from its citizens whom choose their leaders of government. The federal capital and the seat of the supreme federal authorities is Vienna.

Austria’s highly developed and resilient economy sustains high levels of prosperity. Openness to global trade and investment is firmly institutionalized and supported by a relatively efficient framework. Here are a few statistics about the economy in Autria:
GDP: 4.361 billion dollars (2014)
Unemployment rate: 8% (2014)
Labour force: 3.737 million (2015)
Inflation rate: 1,66% (2014)
Currency and Exchange rate: Euro. 1 Euro = 1.12 USD (2016)

National holidays
New Year’s Day: 1st January
Epiphany: 6th January
Easter Monday: 28th March
Labor day / May Day: 1st May
Ascension Day: 5th May
Whit Monday: 16th May
Assumption of Mary: 15th August
National Day: 26th October
All Saints’ Day: 1st November
Immaculate Conception: 8th December
Christmas Day: 25th December
St. Stephen’s Day: 26th December