General information


Population and major cities
The Netherlands is located between three countries and the Northern Sea. The neighboring countries are Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. The Netherlands has an estimated population of 16,995,099 with a growth rate of 0,32%. The capital of The Netherlands is Amsterdam. The government-capital of The Netherlands is The Hague (Den Haag). Other major cities in The Netherlands are Rotterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven.

The official language
The official language in The Netherlands is Dutch, but most of the citizens can also speak English. There are also a few recognized provincial languages, like with Frisian, Limbourgish and other dialects.

Religion and culture
The largest part of the population of The Netherlands (68%) considers themselves to not believe in any religion. Christians are the second largest group with 25%. 5% of the population is Muslim and 2% believes in other powers. The culture in The Netherlands is very open and the ‘Freedom of speech’ is well protected. The winters in The Netherlands are famous for skating and the “Elf-steden tocht” (a skating tour through eleven cities in The Netherlands).

The Netherlands is a democratic constitutional monarchy. The government of the Netherlands includes the King and the Ministers. The Cabinet of the Netherlands includes the Ministers and the State Secretaries. The government is chosen by its people, but the King is born into the royal family. The current King of The Netherlands is Willem-Alexander and the current Queen is Maxima.

The Netherlands maintains a flexible and competitive economy that benefits from openness to global trade and investment and from an efficient regulatory environment that encourages robust entrepreneurial activity. Here are some statistics about the economy in The Netherlands.
GDP: 798.6 billion dollars (2016)
Unemployment rate: 6,9% (2016)
Labour force: 64% (2016)
Inflation rate: 0,3% (2016)
Currency and Exchange rate: Euro. 1 Euro = 1,12 USD (2016)