General information



Population and major cities
Thailand has a total of 68,213,537 inhabitants. The capital, and largest city, of Thailand is Bangkok, famous for its exotic vacations. Bangkok has approximately 9,444,000 inhabitants. Bangkok is a real cultural city and is home to a lot of different people from around the world. Most of the people are from Thai ethnicity, but the second largest group are the Chinese and Japanese. The second largest city in Thailand is Mueang Samut Prakan with 388,920 inhabitants. The third largest city in Thailand is Nonthaburi with 291,555 inhaitants.

The official language
The official language in Thailand is Thai, or more specifically Siamese Thai and is spoken by more than 80% of the entire population of Thailand. The Thai language is based on a phonetic alphabet. It has 44 consonants and 15 basic vowel forms. English is a mandatory school subject for all students in Thailand, and thus spoken quite well by the Thai people.

Religion and culture
There are four major religions in Thailand, Buddhism, Muslim, Christianity and Hinduism. Most of the Thai people are Buddhists, approximately 95%. The second largest group are the Muslims, approximately 3.8%. Christianity a percentage of 0.5% and Hinduism a percentage of 0.1%. The Thai culture is one that respects hierarchical relationships and has a stronghold in Buddhism. It is also a culture that believes in reincarnation and that your next life is defined by this life. Thailand has strict rules about the form of greeting, and Thai will, when meeting a stranger, immediately try and place the person in a hierarchy so they know how you should be treated.

Thailand has a Constitutional Monarchy. Thailand is a kingdom. The key figures in the Thai government are the Chief of State and the Head of Government.

The economy of Thailand is still struggling to regain its growth momentum. Ongoing political uncertainty undermindes the investment climate. Here are a few facts about the Thai economy.
GDP: 395.28 billion dollars(2016)
Unemployment rate: 0,87% (2016)
Labour force: 76% (2016)
Inflation rate: 0,34% (2016)
Currency and Exchange rate: Thai Baht (THB). 1 baht = 0,0286USD (2016)

National holidays
New year’s day: 1st January
Makha Bucha: 22nd Febuary
Chakri day: 6th April
Songkran: 13th April
Labor day: 1st May
Coronation day: 5th May
Visakha Bucha: 20th May
Asalta Bucha: 19th July
Queen’s birthday: 12th August
Chulalongkorn day: 23rd October
King’s birthday: 5th December
Constitution day: 10th December
Christmas day: 25th December