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Population and major cities
The United Kingdom consists of four countries: England, Scotland Northern Ireland and Wales. It had a population of 65,252,837. The capital and the largest city of the United Kingdom is London with over 7 million inhabitants. The second largest city of the United Kingdom is Birmingham with little over 1 million inhabitants.

The official language
The official language in the United Kingdom is English. There are also a few other languages spoken by inhabitants in the United Kingdom. The second major language is Scottish, which is largely spoken by inhabitants of Northern Ireland. The third major language is Welsh which is especially spoken in Wales.

Religion and culture
The biggest religious group in the United Kingdom is Christianity with 59%. The second largest group considers themselves to not be religious at all, with 25%. This group is followed by the Islam (4,8%) and Hinduism (1,5%). Formerly a very homogenous society, since World War II, Britain has become increasingly diverse as it has accommodated large immigrant populations, particularly from its former colonies such as India, Pakistan and the West Indies. The mixture of ethnic groups and cultures make it difficult to define “Britishness” nowadays. The most common form of greeting is the handshake and the people value punctuality.

The united Kingdom has a constitutional monarchy, The British monarch, currently Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, is the head of state and the sovereign, but not the head of government. Her Majesty’s Government,commonly referred to as the British government, is the central government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The government is led by the Prime Minister, who selects all the remaining ministers. The prime minister and the other most senior ministers belong to the supreme decision-making committee, known as the Cabinet. The government ministers all sit in Parliament and are accountable to it.

Since the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the economy has suffered a bit, but it still remains one of the largest economies in the world.. Here are a few facts about the economy in the United Kingdom.
GDP: 2848.76 billion dollars(2016)
Unemployment rate: 4,9% (2016)
Labour force: 78,50% (2016)
Inflation rate: 1% (2016)
Currency and Exchange rate: Pound (GBP). 1 pound = 1,24 USD (2016)

National holidays
New Year’s Day: 1st January
Good Friday: 25th March
Easter Monday: 28th March
Early May bank holiday: 2nd May
Spring bank holiday: 30th May
Summer bank holiday: 1st August
Christmas day: 25th December
Boxing day: 26th December
Substitute Christmas day: 27th December