Experiences of students


‘I am Lisanne. I am in Lisbon for half a year. I am on internship here, but I live on the campus of the school that arranged my internship. Here I share a room with two other students. The bathroom and kitchen we share with a few other rooms. In Lisbon there are Chinese restaurants where you can eat nice food for 6 euro. You just ring the bell and ask if you can come in. If there they are full you can go to another one. I recommend this, the food is nice and it’s a great experience. The main advice I would give is: enjoy. Just go and see what happens, the people are nice, the weather is nice, so everything will be fine. I really like it here and I learn a lot.’

‘I am Marly, I go to school in Lisbon. I stay here for half a year. I got my room through Facebook. There are sites were you can get a room but they are not all reliable. I live in a flat with only other exchange students, not on a campus. I don’t have to share my room. Portugal is a really nice country to go to. It’s a small country but is has a lot of different aspects, there is the sea with beautiful beaches in the Algarve (South), nice nature in the north and cities like Lisbon. Which I all recommend to go. If you go in the winter, take warm clothes with you, it can be really cold and many houses don’t have heating. Enjoy what happens, you only experience this ones. It’s the best experience of my life.’