Experiences of students


Rob Verbroekken (Netherlands)

Malaysia is a very beautiful country where you can experience and enjoy various cultures and friendships if you accept cultural differences openly. There are many places to visit in Malaysia, but particularly, I recommend Penang. In this city, a festival named Thai Pusam is held annually. This festival is for Hindu’s expiating and you can’t miss it. Staying in Malaysia is not that harsh, but the only challenge is when you want to cook by yourself. There are no big supermarkets here like in the Netherlands and only mini markets exist. However, except that, the life in Malaysia is really exciting with good transportation system, there are a lot of buses and trains that connects each city very well. If you want to live like the malay live you need to prepare well. It is totally different from European countries and you have to understand their way of living with open mind. Try to meet many people without stereotype or prejudice, and it will be greatly worthy in your life.

Keep your head up, make friends and accept differences. It’s a beautiful country!

Yoon Sub Lee (South Korea)

In Malaysia, you can experience various cultures. You can enjoy Indian, Chinese and Malaysian style food for quite cheap price. The weather is usually rainy and humid but there are many sports you can enjoy. When you come to Malaysia’s capital city Kuala Lumpur, there are many places to visit, but I especially recommend National Mosque of Malaysia. The space in the mosque is enough for about 8,000 muslims and you can feel holy atmosphere of Islam in Malaysia in here. Another recommended place is Langkawi. Langkawi is the name of city in Malaysia and there you can go shopping and look the eagle square. When you go to Oriental Village, you can see overall beautiful view of the city from the skybridge whose altitude is 700 meters. In Malaysia, you will experience and feel unique culture filled with mixture of nature and diverse people.

Living here isn’t expensive and lots of activities are waiting for you!