Katie, Hong Kong

“You must watch an opera at Staatsoper, where is the Vienna State Opera House. The Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein, a concert hall, is a must-go place too. Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) is one of the iconic figures. So, you should go to the royal palaces and learn more about her.”

“My most favourite place is Café Sacher. It serves the most popular chocolate cake, the Sachertorte. Also, Wiener Schnitzel is a traditional Austrian dish. It is thinned boneless meat and is delicious. Figlmüller GmbH is a famous restaurant for Schnitzel.”

“The way of living is different. Shops close on Sundays, such as supermarkets and retail shops like Forever 21 and H&M. It is very different from Hong Kong. I am so used to going to supermarkets and shops on Sundays, thus I took some time to adjust.”

“Learning some basic German before coming here will be a good idea. Base on my personal experience, I found that if I understand the local language, I will find the whole journey more enjoyable. For example, since I have learnt French (very basic though) before, when I travelled to France, I understood some words such as food. This made the journey more interesting to me. I wish I have learnt German before coming to Austria.”


Irene, Romania

“Go to some of the old cafes, see some of the big museums, experience the local cuisine, learn or improve your German, be social, meet people”