Experiences of students


Maddie Hagerman
“It was great to experience another culture and improve my language skills. Galway is a wonderful little city with lots of students and lots of active college clubs, you are never bored there! The people are really friendly and the country is lovely. I took part in weekly hikes and kayaking activities, and made friends from all over the world, in addition to the Irish.”

Places to go

  • Where to go out: nightclubs, pubs, cafes, and theathers.
  •  Restaurants: “Portofino”, “Zizzi”, “The five fields”, “Goodman” and etc.
  •  Sport and leisure: universities’ Sport centers, fitness clubs.

What to consider before leaving: what is necessary to be aware of before you leave.
The process of applying for an Ireland visa will depend based on your home country, which visa you are trying to get, and the country in which you are currently living.

Accommodation in Ireland
While going through an estate agent can save you a lot of hassle, it doesn´t always ensure you get the best deal as they tend to charge various administration fees.

Particular challenges faced:

  •  You have to buy a license for TV (150 pounds per year)
  • No socket in a bathroom
  • Left-hand traffic
  • You always should have coins when you are going to a supermarket to take a grocery car


  • Be tolerant, friendly, and sociable
  • Respect rule
  •  Listen to local inhabitant’s advices

Rafael, Spain
“I think that one of the objectives of travelling to another country is growing up by facing circumstances which we are not accustomed to. My first impression before arrive has not really changed throughout these months, I have met incredible people, faced different situations in a foreign country, but my impression was quite accurate, a beautiful place with great and helpful people. Like an advise I would tell to the future students not to be afraid, give it a try and enjoy it as I have done”.

Meeting someone for first time
Depends if you can guess their nationality. I am from Spain and as to Spanish people we usually get two kisses, but if the other person is from center Europe or simply does not seem to be in mood for two kisses, then just shaking hands. When we talk about the behaviour, obviously, they act way closer when they are with friends or family, but they are usually easy-going in almost every situation and they are jokers when they are with their group of friends or someone who they know. Each person is different, but normally they always arrive on time or a bit earlier; and “if it is on the money, no delays haha”.