Tower of London, London
Tower of London, London



Vilho Luttinen

From Finland

-living in Manchester-

Hi there. I’m Vilho from Finland. I’m currently living in Manchester, UK. Manchester is in Northwest England.  The city is really big. You can see many tourists and hear music. The people are very open minded here so atmosphere of city is good. you also can find the shopping center.

Living in UK is not that cheap. The housing are usually bad condition. It’s better to prepare for the  cold and humid weather by yourself. almost all accommodation have a gas heating systems.

Maybe you know Manchester because of the football team. We have a good football team, Manchester United which are loved by local people.

If you have chance to exchange UK or wherever, do it! Don’t waste the opportunity to go study abroad. This experience will be your great life.


T.N (Japanese/20 years old)

Hi. I’m T.N. I’m Japanese and 20 years old I’m living in UK for my studying. I’ve already been here for 1 year. I’d like to share my experience with you. It’s about my school life.

My university has a seminar in each module. When students listening speaker, they don’t ask questions even though they have. They think that it’s little bit stupid to ask the questions because the speaker may answer their questions during the seminar. Therefore, British students prefer to ask their questions after seminar.

I’ve been to America once before I came here. The students were opposite from British students. They asked their questions when they came up with. Therefore, I thought asking question is good, however, you need to think when you will ask the question in British school.

Studying other country is hard but it’ll be my experience. I find many different between my country and UK. I hope you’ll experience different culture here.