“There will be different challenges you will have to overcome when you are studying in Turkey, like getting accustomed to leaving your shoes at the entrance of mosques before entering (it is the law in Turkey), or of people’s homes. Figuring out how those strange Turkish toilets work or how to do the laundry. Oftentimes it is dangerous to walk alone in the streets at night, and it is considered shameful, provocative and distasteful to dress in shorts and a “showing” top if you are woman, especially in the more eastern parts”


“Try to experience as much as you can about the Turkish culture and the people in this country. Turkey offers you more than you expect. Don’t forget to negotiate, as it is a part of the culture. Especially if you buy something on a bazaar, negotiating is very indispensable; otherwise you will pay too much for your products. Check out some Facebook groups. There are a plenty of groups you can join, where information are shared about flats and flat shares, the latest news or interesting events. Do not only live the life of an Erasmus student and go to parties every night.”