• Make eye contact when you drink with someone.
    When you are drinking with someone and clink the glasses together, you should make eye contact. If you don’t, it can seem very offensive.
  • Take off your shoes.
    When you are invited to someone’s home, you should take off your shoes.
    It is considered polite to ask the host where you can place your shoes before he askes you to take off your shoes.


  • Don’t be late.
    Austiran people are very puntual. So, if you have an appointment with Austrian,  you should not be late.
  • Don’t call name.
    If someone has official title like doctor, you should not address his real name. Especially when you talk with an old person, you really have to call him using his official title.
  • Don’t start eating unless everyone gets their meal.
    When you go out to eat with your friends, even if you already get your meal, you should wait until everyone gets their food.

Some stereotypes about Austria

  • Greeting
    Some people might think in Austria everyone greets to stranger. It’s not true. This behavior is common only in rural area.
  • Cloth
    People often resprent Austrian people dressed in leather shorts, the traditional Austrian cloth. Indeed, Austrian wear it only on special occasions.