Do’s and dont’s



Follow simple rules when you visit a Buddhist temple. Show respect and remove your hat and shoes. Dress conservatively, no shorts. When sitting, never point your feet at a person or image of Buddha. Stand up to show respect when monks or nuns enter.

Use your right hand to receive or give something. The right hand should also be used for eating. It is considered discourteous in Malay custom to use your left hand when you hand over or receive things.

When accompanied by a group make sure to introduce the most important person in your party first; also make sure to acknowledge the highest ranked person in the Malaysian group you’re meeting with.


Do not pound your fist into the palm of the other hand, which is considered an obscene gesture to some people.

Don’t kiss in public. Public behavior is important in Malaysian culture. Most Malaysians refrain from displaying affection such as  embracing or kissing in public.

When receiving gifts it’s considered impolite to open them. They are only opened after the guests have left.