Present a gift with both hands and be aware of colour when wrapping
  • Always addressing people with their official title, refer them as Mr./Mrs./Ms plus their last name. Don’t call them by their first name unless invited to do so.
  • Always show respect to the elders and acknowledge them in a group first.
  •  Always present your gifts with both hands. And be aware of colour when wrapping. Red represents lucky, pink and yellow represent happiness and prosperity, while white, grey and black are for funeral. White or yellow flowers (especially chrysanthemums) are used for funerals. Be aware that the Chinese do not usually accept a gift, invitation or favour when it’s first presented. Politely refusing two or three times is thought to reflect modesty and humility.



Do not stick your chopsticks upright in the rice bowl
  • Do not open a present in front of the giver, it is not polite.
  • Do not stick your chopsticks upright in the rice bowl before or after eating a meal, this is very rude. Instead, lay them on your dish.
  • Do not forget to take off your shoes when entering any home in China, unless you’re told not to.