Do's and Don'ts



  • Do bring a gift for the host and hostess when being entertained at someone’s home. A bottle of wine, bunch of flowers or chocolates are all acceptable.
  • Do eat with fork with your left hand and the knife with the right. The British pay much attention to table manners.
  • Do be punctuating. British people place considerable value on punctuality.



  • Do not talk loudly in public.
  • Do not throw any rubbish or cigarette puffs on the floor in the street or anywhere.
  • Do not stare. Privacy is highly regarded in the UK. It is impolite to stare at anyone in public.
  • Do not wear hats inside buildings if you are a man. It is impolite for men to wear hats indoors including restaurants and churches.


A few things you might want to know too:

Emergency numbers!

Ambulance: 999

Mobile: 112

Police: 101

Fire: 999

Gas: 0800 111 999

It serves as the head of the judiciary, commander in chief of the armed forces, supreme governor of the Church of England, and Church of Scotland, and summons and dismisses Parliament and ministers of the cabinet. In theory the crown appoints judges, military officials, diplomats, and archbishops as well as gives honors and awards, such as the knighthoods and peerages. In reality all this is done with the advise of the prime minister.