DO’S AND DON’TS Do’s put your fork and knife together when you have finished your meal in order to signify it to the rest of the peo...

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Do’s and don’ts

EXPERIENCES FROM OTHER STUDENTS Lea “There will be different challenges you will have to overcome when you are studying in Turkey, like getting accu...

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INVISIBLE CULTURE Hierarchical Turkey scores high on the powerdistance dimension (score of 66) which means that the following characterizes the Turki...

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invisible culture

turkish food

Visible culture Traditions and rituals in Turkey Turkish people are good at preserving their customs. Their leisure traditions include the so called t...

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Visible culture


General information   Population and major cities Turkey has approximately 79,966,103 inhabitants. The capital of turkey is Ankara and it has 4,4...

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General information

“The beauty of a landscape resides in its melancholy. “Ahmet Rasim SUMMARY Turkey is a country, with two faces, namely its historical past and...

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