In order to prepare Housing The Irish Council gives to the international students some options for find a house or accommodation with varying costs at...

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In order to prepare


Do’s and Don’ts Do’s Do bring a gift for the host and hostess when being entertained at someone’s home. A bottle of wine, bunch of flo...

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Do’s and Don’ts


Experiences of students Maddie Hagerman “It was great to experience another culture and improve my language skills. Galway is a wonderful little cit...

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Experiences of students


Invisible Culture Time Keeping Generally, Irish people try to be on time when they have a meeting or appointment. Ireland is close to monochronic but ...

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Invisible Culture


Visible Culture Traditions and rituals in Ireland The first Irish tradition worth mentioning is the ancient Samhain tradition. This marked the end of ...

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Visible Culture


General Information Population and major cities The population of Ireland is estimated at 4.7 million people, with a population growth rate of 1,16%. ...

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General Information


Summary Ireland is a country filled with history that continues into the modern day. Ireland has a big influence on other cultures in fields of litera...

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