General information   Population and major cities The current population of France is 64.731.691. It is equivalent to 0.88% of the total world po...

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General Information


In order to prepare Visa If you’re from the EU, you wouldn’t need a Visa, but if you don’t you’re required to have a Visa.  You must apply fo...

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In order to prepare


Do’s and dont’s Do’s Bring gifts when you are invited to French people’s house. Wine will be the perfect choice. Give eye contact ...

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Do’s and dont’s


Maria Garcia (Mexico) I like the French language and was interested to getting to know the culture, so I studied in Troyes at the Group ESC Troyes (É...

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Experiences of students


Invisible culture Individualism According to Hofstede’s dimensions, Individuality of France scored 71. It shows that France is an individualistic co...

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Invisible culture


Visible culture Traditions and rituals in France France is has a culture that is heavily influenced by Its traditions because it is and extremely old ...

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Visible culture


Summary France is a European country, which is well known for rich and admirable culture, people who seriously love and being proud of things from the...

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